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Q: What is independent suspension, and how does it affect the handling of the Hannigan trike?
A: Trikes with solid axles have four times as much unsprung weight as the Hannigan Trike, which has similar unsprung weight to the original two-wheeled motorcycle. More unsprung weight results in a much harsher ride, where you feel every bump in the road. It is the Critical Law of Physics: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. When only one rear wheel of the trike hits a bump, which happens on most road surfaces, the sideways motion of a solid suspension is transmitted to the motorcycle seat, creating a very negative effect on your lower back, and especially on the back of the passenger. Hannigan’s independent suspension has almost no lateral forces on the motorcycle seat creating a much healthier, more comfortable ride.


Q: Do I need to add Steer Lite to my BMW Trike or EZ Steer to my Honda Trike?
A: EZ Steer and Steer Lite shorten the trail of the bike by 60%, lessening the steering effort by 60%. Trail is the difference between the pivot point of the fork, and the tire patch of the front wheel. This is measured in inches or mms. When you have added Steer Lite or EZ Steer to your trike, you will be able to ride longer without tiring, feeling more refreshed at the end of a day of travel.


Q: How is riding a trike different from riding a two-wheeled motorcycle?
A: The main difference is that you steer around corners instead of leaning into corners. And, you never have to worry about your bike falling over again.


Q: What kind of warranty does Hannigan Motorsports provide on their trikes?
A: Standard Hannigan warranty is two years, unlimited mileage on parts and labor.


Q: Does trike conversion void the factory warranty?
A: Yes, any modification to the original motorcycle will void the factory warranty. However, most motorcycle dealers will look at the warranty problem and will honor the warranty if the problem has not been caused by the addition of the trike kit.
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