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Design / Option Descriptions

Position 4
The features that put Hannigan ahead of the rest of the pack are many, but of primary importance is the independent suspension with sway bar. Our independent suspension has almost no lateral forces on the motorcycle seat creating a much healthier, more comfortable ride, even for your passenger. Our 60-inch wide track and CRX sports car stabilizer has made the Hannigan Trike one of the safest and most stable trikes available. It will out-corner other trikes, allowing you to run with your two wheel companions on twisty roads. Hannigan Trikes have the best combination of sporty handling and a plush ride.

Progressive Suspension® I.A.S. Gas Shocks in all Hannigan Trikes are very user friendly. Inertia sensitive damping enables the wheel to react quickly to rough surfaces while still maintaining full damping control for taut precise handling.

The In-line Drive Shaft of the original motorcycle is used in its original position to ensure smooth running and unbeatable reliability.

All Hannigan Trikes use a 7.5 inch Ford Thunderbird differential with 2.73 gears matched to right-size tires to maintain the original bike ratio, except for the Hannigan Harley-Davidson® FLH series Trike conversion, which uses the original H-D belt drive and sprocket. Mufflers of the original motorcycles are used on all Hannigan Trikes.

All Hannigan Trikes come with standard disc brakes. On Hannigan’s BMW® and Honda® Trike conversions, the original ABS System has been retained.

An auxiliary fuel tank is available for the Gold Wing (4 gallons) and BMW® (4 1/2 gallons) Trike conversions with a separate filler neck for convenience. The fuel is transferred from the TIG-welded heavy gauge aluminum tank to the main tank by the rider-activated fuel pump. The tank is located inside the trike frame to extend fuel range with maximum safety.

Large taillights are standard on all Hannigan Trikes, often incorporating the lights of the original motorcycle.

Trikes are Cool, safe, and fun!

Trikes are an inevitable part of the motorcycling culture. At Hannigan Motorsports Motorcycling is integrated in everyday life. A Renowned and unrivaled, independent Suspension Hannigan trike will give you the ride of your life. Style, Reliability, Handling and Comfort are our focus with every trike produced.


The fully independent Hannigan Trike utilizes several unique approaches to maximize both handling and ride: wide-track suspension, IAS shocks, and a stabilizer bar.

Some independent suspension systems use A arms which only allow the wheel to move in a vertical direction. The Hannigan twin trailing arms allow the wheels to move back and away from the bump resulting in a cushier ride.

Sooner or later, air shocks and other suspension components utilizing air pressure will begin to leak or fail altogether, resulting in poor handling. Also, air shocks require regular monitoring and are not user-friendly. Instead, Hannigan Trikes utilize dual Progressive Suspension IAS Shocks (Inertially Activated System) with dual spring loaded pistons that can sense when the seat compresses down and when the swing-arms compress up. The shocks automatically change valving to reduce impact to the seat. In a trike application they contribute to a more stable ride by minimizing negative lean in hard cornering.

Our 60-inch wide track and sports car-style stabilizer bar have resulted in one of the safest and most stable trikes available. In head to head comparison tests, the Hannigan Trike out-handles the best of the solid axle trikes while offering a ride that is judged superior by the vast majority of riders. Truly, the first no compromise trike.

Sidecars, the original three wheel motorcycling accessory

Don't lose sight! Motorcycling is an event for everyone. Take your family with you in the safety and comfort of a Hannigan sidecar. The number one sidecar company in the USA has options for you. Hannigan Motorsports has over 10 Models to choose from and can be mounted to just about any Bike.

Superior Aerodynamics
The aerodynamics of a Hannigan Sidecar not only have less effect on gas mileage, tire wear and handlebar pull, but add to the appearance of this product. Our aircraft style windshield deflects a minimal amount of air onto the motorcycle.

Superior Carrying Capacity
The Astro 2+2, the SP2 and the GTL models have some of the most spacious cockpits ever to grace the side of a motorcycle, with enough space for a child carrier seat.

Superior Weather Protection
The hard top roof on our touring models stores behind the seat and can be put on in less than 30 seconds, so you are ready for any change in weather. Easy to use soft tops are available for most of the models that don’t have a hard top. Fresh air vents are standard in all of our sidecars. We even have Air Conditioning available to help keep you cool on those really hot summer days!

Superior Handling
Our low center of gravity makes cornering safer. The electric camber control (ECC) makes adjustment for varying load, road, wind and speed conditions as easy as flicking a switch. Many sidecars are built high and light causing them to lift easily on right-hand corners. The Hannigan sidecars are built low to the ground so you can take right-handers at a good clip, helping you retain the fun of cornering.

Superior Quality
Hand laid fiberglass makes a light and strong body shell, allowing us to put extra strength into our frame and mounts. Our custom machined clevises, heavy wall tubing, grade 8 bolts and aircraft nuts speak “quality”.

Superior Comfort
The side step and lift-up hatch opening make exit and entry into the roomy cockpit easy. The reclining seat makes these sidecars a great place for the passenger to lean back for a nap.

Trailers. Cargo space with ultimate handling and design.

Sleek, Unique and independent. Hannigan Motorsports have built these motorcycle trailers with you in mind. A truly unique piece of quality craftsman ship to tote all your goodies on any motorcycle journey. Designed with aerodynamic sleekness, independent suspension and a low center of gravity. This gives you peace of mind while pulling your belongings while enjoying your motorcycle.

Hannigan Roadster/Quad

Incredible WOW Factor and Exclusivity!

Every amazing Hannigan trike feature and options plus more.

Add extra performance to the handling and uniqueness of your GL1800 Trike from Hannigan Motorsports.

Foot Fairings

Hannigan Foot Fairings commonly known as (running boards) are an additional structural member for the left and right side of your trike. Foot Fairings are made of sturdy hand laid fiberglass and a steel weight bearing frame. They are designed to add visual appeal to the flow and look of your Hannigan Trike. They provide additional protection for both the rider and passenger from road debris and weather. Hannigan Foot Fairings are painted to match your trike. They are sturdy enough to stand on giving riders extra ease getting on and off the vehicle.

Bumper for honda GL1800 Gen I trike

Shiny New Bumper.

lighted Spoiler

Light up the rear of your trike with a signature Hannigan Lighted Spoiler. This spoiler is anatomically designed to fit the lines and look of your Gold Wing trike. A solid construction of hand laid fiberglass and bright LED brake lights are sure to give the added visibility and pizzazz you are looking for. Color match one for your trike today. spoiler shown on Gen II GL1800 Gold Wing. See Gen I GL1800 product page for spoiler photo.

Trailer Hitch

: You know you wanna take it with you! More stuff that is! The Hannigan Receiver Hitch for your trike includes the wiring and chromed insert with a 1 7/8” ball. This solid steel constructed trailer hitch will allow you to pull your motorcycle trailer with worry free style. A traveling necessity you just have to have.

Heavy Front Fork Springs

These heavy springs replace the original springs that are in the front forks of your bike. This is needed to compensate for the extra weight the trike kit puts on the front end of the motorcycle and helps to keep the proper distance between the bottom of the fairing and the top of the front fender on your bike. If you have already installed these springs for two wheel riding you do not need to do it again unless you think they may be worn out and are in need of replacing.

Steer Lite Kit

This unit decreases the steering effort by approx. 60% by replacing the upper and lower fork yokes with new ones. A steer lite takes the work out of steering a three wheel vehicle. This is an essential option for optimal enjoyment when riding a trike.

All “Raked” Triple Trees are not created equal.
Most trike riders regard a “raked” front end as an essential option. They reduce steering effort by approximately 60 percent.
Many riders do not realize, however, that not all “raked” triple trees are created equal. Hannigan Steer Lite is the only one with Fork Assurance Safety Technology (F.A.S.T.).
Check out these features:
Safety Stop: Positive stop makes it impossible for fork trees to slip in the triple trees, eliminating the possibility of this mechanical failure.
Ease of Installation: No measuring is required to ensure that forks are aligned properly within the triple trees. Saves time, guarantees accuracy.
Ease of service: the unique port makes it possible to add fork fluid without disassembly.
For safety and convenience, insist on genuine Hannigan Steer Lite with Fork Assurance Safety Technology (F.A.S.T.).
Genuine Hannigan Steer Lite – Better by Design



The “NEW” HANNIGAN “180” Front End Kit gives your Honda 1800 the traction and tire life you’ve been waiting for!
Michelin claims 25,000 miles of longevity for their New 180 Commander Tire on the rear of a two wheel Gold Wing 1800.
Why not put this new wide double compound, deep tread tire on the front of your trike or sidecar rig?
By designing an ultra wide set of fork yoke machined out of 6061 billet, having a wide proprietary custom wheel designed to accommodate the Michelin Commander Tire, and by fitting a custom extra wide and longer front fender, HMS has solved your trikes front end traction and tire life challenges.
This new “180” Front End looks as good as it performs!
“180” Kit Includes: upper & lower yokes (steer Lite)
Extra Wide Wheel
Extra Wide Fender
Longer Brake Lines
Commander Tire
Total price of “180” Front End is $2995.00 Plus Installation of $595.00

Auxiliary Fuel Tank

This tank gives you approximately 4 gallons of additional fuel which allows you to travel as far as your two wheel buddies. It is custom made from aluminum that is pulse mig welded, vacuum tested and surrounded with the steel frame on the trike for protection. The auxiliary tank is tied into the primary tank on the motorcycle via the stock return fuel line. Once you have used most of the gas in the bike tank you then transfer gas from the auxiliary tank to the main tank. When it is time for gas you fill up both tanks. The tank does not take up any of your valuable trunk space. A must for long distance riders.

Fender Stone Guards

Protect the trike fenders of your trike from rock chips etc. with Hannigan Stone Guards. These are made from a high grade vinyl with a soft lining on the inside to protect your paint and are embroidered with the Hannigan Motorsports logo.

Chrome Wheel Upgrade Harley Davidson FLH

Make a splash with the upgrade steel chrome wheels. A nice touch to any trike. This wheel is the same style as the standard brushed aluminum rims (see photos).

Chrome Wheel Upgrade (excludes GL1500 Gold Wing)

Make a splash with the upgrade steel chrome wheels. A nice touch to any trike. This wheel is the same style as the standard brushed aluminum rims High quality from American Racing

Black Wheel Upgrade (excludes GL1500 Gold Wing)

Make a splash with the upgrade steel Black finish wheels. A nice touch to any trike. This wheel is the same style as the standard brushed aluminum rims. High quality from American Racing

Premium Wheels & Tires from Performance Machine:

Want to make a big splash, try on a set of custom front and rear wheels to match from Performance Machine. You have six awesome styles to choose from to give your bike that special custom look. PM Trike wheels are the first of their kind to be manufactured for H-D Trike applications and other select Trike manufacturers. PM's dedication to innovation has resulted in a wheel that will go unrivaled in design and function.

PM starts with a specially designed wheel blank that was developed to be a perfect match to our forged motorcycle wheels. Using this exclusive forging rather than a stock automotive forging creates a more aesthetically appealing package for your three wheeled ride. The wheel center is finished with a hub cap featuring a PM logo with machined openings to expose the lug nuts.

Keyless Trunk Auto-Opener/Locker:

Wow your friends as you open your trunk from a distance. This feature comes with a light in the trunk and includes 2 fobs for your convenience. Available only on the new 2012 and newer Honda GL1800 Gold Wing.

Trike Cover

Protect your beautiful Hannigan trike while travelling or when being stored in your garage. This black & gray Ultra Gard Deluxe Trike Cover has interlocking double stitched seams, breathable water resistant enhanced lightweight protection, lower panel heat shield protection, windshield liner, shock cord hem and an ultra guard vent system.

Electric Reverse Kit for K1600 BMW, Kawasaki & Yamaha

With the push of a button you can now park your trike with ease. No more pushing or having to rely on your passenger to assist with backing up.

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