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Hannigan Motorsports Names Official Trike Ambassador

  • Hannigan Motorsports Names Official Trike Ambassador

     Hannigan Motorsports is pleased to name Jim “Wheels” Leatherman as an official Hannigan Motorsports Ambassador. Watch for “Wheels” on the road and at motorcycle rallies and events.



    New Hannigan trike rider Jim “Wheels” Leatherman recently sent this letter to Dave and Ruth Anne Hannigan of Hannigan Motorsports:


    Dear Dave and Ruth Anne:

    I wanted to take a few minutes to write and share with you what a blessing it is to have you both as part of Nancy and my life.  There is little question that as a young boy who lost his legs at the age of 6 that riding a bike, let alone a motorcycle seemed like a dream that would never be realized.  But, like many things that seemed like they were “just out of reach,” I enjoy a good challenge and set about to master them.  It took me long enough, and honestly too long.  While I so enjoyed all that I had done and accomplished, nothing has been more exhilarating then riding.  I started out without a clue and took what I could get.  Over the course of my riding, I have learned a great deal.

    Today, I realize that seeing a guy with no legs going down the highway at 75 MPH with a wheelchair on the fender of his trike is noteworthy.  I cannot begin to account for how many pictures, movies, and the like that have been taken of me and my ride.  Over that same period of time, this “character known as Wheels” has emerged as a knowledgeable, respected resource for others to ask questions and get opinions from on “just how did/do you do that.”  I also have learned a great deal about the trike industry and as such, have come to know that the name Hannigan is synonymous with quality, craftsmanship and leading edge.  When the time came, I knew that a Hannigan would be the ride that would carry me for the next many miles of my enjoyable journey.

    Having now become a member of the Hannigan family with my new trike, I cannot tell you what a fantastic ride this is.  The reports are correct in what one can come to expect when riding a Hannigan trike.  But in my case, Hannigan raised the bar and set new standards of excellence with the attention to detail in making sure that my wheelchair rack was not only transferred over, but significantly enhanced to become an extension of, and a quality show piece of my new trike.  I was also impressed with the attention to detail that the team exhibited to ensure my new Hannigan trike would have significant and sufficient braking power to each of the wheels;  something that my previous trike did not have.

    I look forward to riding this trike all over America and showcasing what Hannigan can do and has available.  Due to all the attention that this trike will get, and already has gotten, I hope that you will allow me the opportunity to become an Ambassador of what is an outstanding company and a tradition of trike building that is unparalleled in the industry.


    Thank you again for all of your efforts and all that you have done.


    Jim (A.K.A WHEELS) Leatherman


    Hannigan Motorsports is pleased to name Jim “Wheels” Leatherman as an official Hannigan Motorsports Ambassador. Watch for “Wheels” on the road and at motorcycle rallies and events.

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