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Come and Ride With Hannigan

  • Come and Ride With Hannigan

    Dear Rider,

    Thank you for your interest in our products. It is our goal to provide a well engineered product that enables you to have “The Ride of your Life!” We have been manufacturing motorcycle products for over 45 years and are pleased to offer a more diverse line of product than ever before as we continue to serve the motorcycle enthusiast community.

    Since 2002 demand for our product has dramatically increased and we have been growing at a steady rate. In the spring of 2005 we expanded our facility for the third time since moving from Toronto, Canada in 1992 to include a new showroom, more office space, a separate fiberglass building, and a new paint and trike installation area. We also have a select network of qualified dealers in an effort to serve you more conveniently in your area.

    Ruth Anne and I have been avid riders for over 45 years experiencing the many facets of motorcycling on both two and three wheels. We love touring and sport riding on the beautiful curvy roads here in western Kentucky and Tennessee. Also a large percentage of our employees are motorcycle enthusiasts.

    We always welcome visitors at Hannigan Motorsports. We hope to have the privilege of serving you in the near future!

    David & Ruth Anne Hannigan    Hannigan Motorsports Riders/Owners

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